"Dreams of the Journey" Quilt

I finished another quilt! I am so happy with it. Some of the squares may be familiar to you, they are the squares I received for my first year in the block swap, '08 travel theme. The brown squares that are all similar are the ones I made.
The whole thing is hand quilted by me, and bound in a dark brown solid fabric. I made a pieced back to add extra interest.

The last 2 weeks, Griffin has told me "I sure wish I had my new quilt to cuddle with" before going to bed. Man, that kid is good, he knows the quickest way to my heart! So Thursday when he came home from school, I surprised him with it. He was soooooo happy. In the last photo he was trying to help me get a photo of it. I decided I needed someone a little taller to hold it, but I still think it's such a cute photo!


4cheeseheads said…
fantastic job. i can tell all the hardwork and love you put into it. i'm very impressed. it will look great on griffin's bed. thanks for sharing.
Jessica Amor said…
Oh my word...looks amazing! I love it! I'm glad that he appreciates it. Not a lot of 5 year olds would. Good work! (on both the quilt and a sweet boy :) )
Anonymous said…
WOW!!! I am awed! You are so talented!! In a blink of an eye Griff's big b-ball shoes will be sticking out the end of that heirloom!! And you'll be able to see his great big grin! Love you, Mom