Letting your ego go....hard to do!

On Sunday I listened into a Teleclass: The Key to Evolving Beyond Ego: How to Make the Change that Changes Everything. It was taught by Craig Hamiliton, of Integral Enlightenment. It was really good for me, I wish I could have conversations like that every day.
I wanted to share my big take away idea, my big A HA moment. Craig was talking about getting beyond your ego, just letting it go and how many of us just don't have the motivation to truely do it. He talked about how everyone we have contact with experiences us so much more than we experience ourselves. How others not only take in our energy when they are interacting with us, but that they are using their senses to take us in. Others see us, hear us, feel us so much more than we do ourselves. This interconnectedness can help give us the motivation for letting our ego go...if not for ourselves, than how about for letting the rest of the world be free of our ego.

OK, so reading back what I just wrote, I am not sure it is understandable to those who didn't here the speaker. Sorry, if I confused y'all! If you are interested in hearing what Craig said for himself, you can listen to it here: http://integralenlightenment.com/freetcdownload/. It was about 1 1/2 hours long, although he spent the last 20 minutes or so talking about how and where to study this more in depth, if you care to.