Hey pals,
Just wanted to pop in and say hello! Seems like I haven't posted in a while.

We are in that stage where we are really looking forward to spring, each expressing our cabin fever in a different way. Lucy is just plain old crabby - especially on days that we stay home for the most part. Griffin is kind of zoned out - not wanting to do much creative play, trying to convince me to let him have more screen time. I am treading water on many creative projects, just not feeling the juice to start anything new. Bruce is focused on work and planning big projects for the summer, i.e. getting the house painted. Like all of you, I am sure, we are looking forward to the 50 degree weather that looks like will be here next week and the regeneration that promises. week is my birthday, and who doesn't look forward to that...especially when it means the Moms are coming for the weekend and Bruce has a big date day for us planned! ;)

The best thing about the last few weeks is that our social life has EXPLODED. After living here for 2.5 years, we are finally really finding people that we connect with. I have been able to develop some really beautiful friendships with women in this community and we have even recently found some family friends. We went bowling with Griffin's bff from school and his family on Saturday night. It was so fun!! We are all excited at the prospects of a really fun and full summer. I am a classic extrovert in that I get recharged, my tank filled up, my energy renewed while spending time in the presence of good people.

We have quite a few things we are looking forward to in the next months. We will be spending spring break in MI. I always hate putting that out there, because undoubtedly, we will only have time to see a quarter of the people that we would like to, and I hate to hurt people's feelings! BUT, this time, Bruce will only be there on the weekends, and I will be car less for most of the week - which is fine, because the main reason we are going up is for me to make good on a promise I made to the Moms, and I will have a lot of work to do at their house.

We are looking forward to the welcoming of a new puppy into our lives shortly after we get back from MI. Right now we are busy doing a lot of reading on puppy training (we are going the Cesar way this time) and getting the yard and house ready....and yeah, my addiction to Petfinder has kicked into high gear. We have decided on a Basset Hound, and are having fun looking at the different colors available and dreaming up names. We have always wanted a hound dog, and the Bassets just seem like a great breed for us. I am sure you will hear WAY more about this than you care to if you keep reading in the months to come!

We are really getting excited about the camping season. We are hoping to take advantage of Kentucky's beautiful and lengthy spring and fall seasons to really enjoy weekends living outside. We have started making a list of campgrounds we want to visit and of course, we will be spending time with Bruce's folks at their campground in IN. Anyone want to schedule some camping weekends with us? Let's get them on the calendar now!

So, that is what's up now. Enjoying the moment, making fun and exciting plans for the future.

And I have to share this photo, me and my girl Carlie at the library yesterday. Carlie has decided that there will be no more carpet squares for her, that I am her designated chair. I gotta say, I really love this sweet little girl to pieces.


Aunt Louise said…
Did you make that beautiful knitted dress? She is soooo cute. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHRISTI. You were in my thoughts today. I agree, I can't wait till Spring, I am so tired of the cold. Tell mom hello. Glad they are coming down to see you!
Anonymous said…
Christi, Congrats on the new puppy prospect. Having been an owner of hounds for over 9 years now and a dog trainer I have a lot of experience with them. If you have any questions call or email me.

Rebekah Wright