pass me a tissue

Yeah, so the heavy cloud of nasty colds is parked over our home at the moment. First Bruce was sick for 10 days when he went to the Dr. for an antibiotic, and even then he didn't truly feel better for 3 more days. Then Lucy went down hard on Monday night and has not yet turned the corner. Her stuffy/runny nose and low grade fever is preventing her from sleeping well and her attitude is...well, not good. This morning about 9 am I got a call from the school saying Griffin wasn't feeling well and was running a fever, so now I have him home ill as well. ***heavy sighing**** I feel kind of rotten, but I think it is just exhaustion. Sooo, I just put Lucy down for a nap and Griffin and I will follow shortly. Naps make everything better!
In the midst of this, I was able to sneak in an hour of listening to a teleletcture by one of my favorite women in the world, SARK!!! She is so inspirational and bubbling over with wonderful ideas about how to live a creative, present life (and she also believes in the magical powers of naps). She mentioned the Good News Network and I had to check it out. It is an online newspaper that only brings stories that are positive. There are plenty of places to hear about the misery in this world, but not nearly enough that celebrate the wonderful things happening everyday. What a great way to fill up on good energy every day! It is a sight you have to buy a subscription for, but I have just signed up for their free weekly e-mail. I figure if I really love it I will end up subscribing. Anyways, just wanted to pass this little gem on to you. Hope you have a lovely weekend.
Peace and Big Love,