He is 6 tomorrow!!

I can hardly believe it myself. You all know I get super sentimental around my wee ones' birthdays and this one is no different. In fact, I found myself tearing up at the dinner table while listening to him talk about how he is negotiating playground politics. It just so shocking that he is old enough to have to deal with such mess. I have an equal love for the baby he was, the boy he is, the future he will step into. I am TRYING to live in the now with him...to never have to look back and feel like I missed a step, that I missed seeing who he was at 2 months or 5 or 13 or 27.

And who is he now, you ask...well, he is a sweet boy, a rambunctious boy, walking that tightrope between asserting his strength, will, and Independence but still needing comfort, cuddling and assurance. He is funny and likes knowing he is funny. He is friendly and out going, talking as easily with adults as he does with children. He is CRAZY about Star Wars and Spiderman and most recently, Batman and ninjas. He can walk into the pet store alone and come out with exactly what he needs for his Bearded Dragon. He is brave yet cautious, he is a loyal and committed friend, he is a diligent student. He has an imagination that soars way past most others. He loves to play wii and soccer (he scored two goals at his game last night!!!) and with his sister and puppy. He is a kind and gentle big brother. He likes to take walks and have play dates and go on adventures. He still cries without shame and is very sensitive and intuitive. He has his own opinions about love and peace and God that are interesting, passionate and well thought out. And yes, sometimes he is bratty, or super obsessed with some toy or idea and plays to rough, but he is easily redirected. He has two loose teeth, his first ones, and temporarily cannot eat corn on the cob...but has no problem devouring a pint of strawberries.

At 3, 4, 5 I thought there is no way I will ever love him more than I do right now, but I now realize that is the gift, the ultimate gift he is giving me. Every day, my love for him grows in a boundless way.

When asked how he would like us to celebrate his birthday, he decided he would like to go camping. We are leaving this afternoon when we pick him up from school. Looking forward to a weekend of quiet relaxation and celebration with friends and family.

And here is his 6 year birthday interview. Just to remind you, I just ask the questions and write down exactly what he answers. You can compare it to last years, here.

Birthday Interview

Griffin George
Age? 6
Grade? Kindergarten
Your teachers this year? Ms. Jaclyn and Ms. Tracy
What activities/sports/clubs were you involved in this year? Basketball and Soccer
What pets do you have? Zed (bearded dragon), Happy (fish) and Lottie (dog)
What do you want to be when you grow up? A police man or Martin Luther King Jr.’s job – I can’t decide which one I should be….
Where is 1 place you really want to go? Mexico

What is your favorite………….
o Subject in school? P.E.
o Meal? Pizza
o Fruit? blueberries
o Vegetable? broccoli
o Dessert? cake
o Candy? Pixie stix or dip stixs
o Drink? milk
o Animal? alligator
o Thing to do inside? Play with playmobil toys
o Thing to do outside? Play with my dog
o Kind of music? Rock n’ roll
o Song? Alligator Song (I think he just made it up on the spot, but he sang the whole thing to me!) o Place we visited this year? Nashville, the science center and the aquarium restaurant
o Chore around the house? Taking Lottie out to go potty
o Thing to do with Mama? Play games
o Thing to do with Papa? Play wii
o Thing to do with Lucy? Play princesses and read books to her
o T.V. show? Spiderman (original 1967 version)
o Movie? Star Wars VI
o Toy? Big Spider
o Book? Stories From Around the World by Heather Amery
o Day of the week? Friday
o Holiday? Halloween
o Season? Winter
o Piece of clothing? My alligator shirt (It still fits!)
o Sound? cymbals
o Word? love
o Smell? Fresh air
o Color? Orange and Red


Bastelopoly said…
Happy Birthday to the little boy!
Anonymous said…

I have been amazed by you since the day you were born! I really enjoy watching you be a kid (sometimes forgetting that you are ONLY 6) and I wonder what the world has in store for you or rather what you have in store for the world! Have a great birthday Buddy!

I love you very much!!

...may the force by with you...
MountainWave said…
Love you Griffin! See you in a month :) Happy birthday, happy personal new year buddy. Love love love reading your list this year. Fresh air is the best smell.....I agree.

Big hugs,
Sara & Leo