2010 Summer Vacation part I

Off we went, headed north through Kentucky, West Virginia, Maryland and into PA in the first day. Lottie had a decent amount of space in the back and she got plenty of walks and attention at every stop.
Our first stop was to visit my Grandma in Lancaster, PA. She is starting to suffer from Alzheimer's and it was super important to me to see her this summer. We had a really special visit with her and her husband, Ken.
I think she enjoyed showing off her cute great-grand kids to her friends! She lives in an amazing place, Ken calls it a cruise ship in a cornfield and that is exactly what it feels like. We spent time in their apartment, had breakfast with them, and got the grand tour of the facilities.
It was hard to leave after spending just one evening and one morning with them, but I actually think the timing was just about perfect for Grandma. So, we said goodbye Saturday afternoon and started on the second leg of our journey through PA, NJ, NY, CT, RI and MA.
Connecticut was TERRIBLE...avoid CT at all costs!!!!! At least on a Saturday afternoon headed toward the shore. It had been 100+ the whole trip until we got to CT when the temperature dropped to 85. Bruce was saying how much better it felt, but let me tell you, when you have to change your two year old's poop blowout that has covered her, her dress, her car seat in the middle of an insanely busy uppity CT gas station by yourself in the back of the station wagon (Bruce and Griffin abandoned me immediately saying they just couldn't hold it!) while making sure your puppy doesn't jump out it STILL feels like 100+!
Lottie spent alot of her time sitting on top of the suitcases so she could feel the A/C better and also I think she felt lonely. She and Griffin shared a headrest most of the way! We were sooooo happy when we finally rolled into the Cape at 9:30 Saturday night.


MountainWave said…
Griffin looks so teen-ish with those earphones! Love the Christina picture :) Lineage. Women. Love love love that.