Cape Cod VI: Piercings by The Bearded Lady

Sooooo, I got my nose (re) pierced while on vacation. I actually had it done by the AHHHHMAZING Bearded Lady of Provincetown. I had heard about her skillz and fame when I had been there last summer. She is kind of a celebrity around town and last summer Sara and I saw her walking down the street with her sweet doggie, Peg, and nearly crashed the car out of excitement. We would not have been as excited if Lady Gaga had been walking down the street, I think.
The Lady was a riot, fun and full of attitude. I don't think she liked us so much at first, she was a tough nut to crack, but by the end I think she loved us right back!
Leo and Bruce did a great job of watching the shop and playing with Peg while Sara videoed me. Here are the videos. I will warn you, they do show me getting pierced. There is no blood, but it still might not be something you want burned in your brain. You've been warned.

I wanted my nose pierced for so many reasons. First, I love the way it looks, it makes me feel cute. Second, I love that it instantly brands you as someone who thinks outside the box, probably someone a little daring and liberal. But, nose rings are becoming more common every day and that is a good thing to. In a world where people judge you instantly by your appearance, we all have got to find a way to express ourselves, right?? ANYWAYS, I had my nose pierced in college and had to take it out later for a job and have missed it ever since. I am in a place now where I just want to be true to myself, be it a nose ring and gray hair or WHATEVER.

This was the halfway point, pierced but not with final jewelry.

And done...what an awesome experience. Thank you Bruce, Sara and Leo for standing in support with me. I hope this gives some of you the nudge you need to go out and do that thing you have been thinking about forever!
Next on the agenda...a night out on the town. And a night out in P-town is unlike a night out anywhere else! A totally unique and wonderful place bursting with energy. Our first stop was meeting up with the rest of our group (it was too much to have all 8 of us in the piercing salon at once!) at the Governor Bradford for Drag Queen Karaoke!!
Anthony was the only one of us who had the guts to sing, and WOW, he was awesome. Definitely the crowd (and hostess) favorite!!
After that we went over to a place called the Squealing Pig, a great little pub to finish the night with a lot of laughs and good cheer. I am soooooo blessed to have such an amazing family that is so loving and fun to be around.


4cheeseheads said…
wow! i can see by that face you made you were trying as hard as possible not to scream. OUCH!! brave brave woman you are.

enjoy your new look!