Holiday World

A while back, Griffin won tickets to a local amusement park. Yesterday we decided to use them. It was an absolutely fantastic family day. The park was only about 2 hours from the house and for $10 it had an air-conditioned kennel for Lottie. That was a great resource so that we could stay all day at the park and not worry about her at home. We just went over every few hours and took her for a little walk around their dog yard.
Although, I wouldn't recommend taking a two-year-old to an amusement park, we made the best of it and Lucy had a fantastic time. There were a lot of little kid rides spread throughout the park that Lucy and Griffin could ride together. For some of the bigger rides, Bruce or I would take Griffin while the other one did Lucy things.

This dropping ride was definitely one of Griffin's favorites! He was an inch too short for a lot of the bigger coasters but that was alright with him, he is somewhat cautious about such things. These ones were just right!
There is a water park connected to the amusement park and we spent most of the day there. No pictures, we locked up the camera and valuables and just enjoyed every minute of it! The kids swam and played and slid and splashed for hours. With free beverages and sunscreen everywhere we all stayed protected and was a really nice perk. We had an amazing time. Not one bit of crying or whining or complaining once we entered the gates until we got home that night. Griffin decided that "Holiday World is the best place EVER." I love being able to blow his young mind. Oh, the future adventures that await him.
In the morning, Griffin ran into one of his favorite dudes. We decided he must spend his summer vacations there. ;)