Full Moon Rising

One of the most incredible times we had on vacation was the night of the full moon when we went down to the beach to watch the sun set, moon rise and have a bonfire.
The kids had a great time and were perfect until 10:30!! We were amazed. The beach offers them seemingly endless amusement.

Lottie also loved the beach! She loves to dig and relished the ability to do it anytime, anywhere. She also made several pals on the dog-friendly beach. Here she is playing with a puppy very similar in look and size with her. This was such a great week to socialize her with so many new people, animals and circumstances. She is growing up to be a fantastic dog!

Granny, Alethia and Lucy

Sara and Anthony

The tribe

Still in love....


Anonymous said…
Sweet, sweet pictures...memories and what love all around but that picture of you and Bruce...ssssooo ssswwweet!! Miss you all! Mom