A new season of basketball.

Griffin's new season of basketball started on Saturday with his first game. Griffin assures me that his team "smoked" the other team, so I have got to trust him. To tell you the truth, I had my hands filled keeping Lucy occupied for an hour by myself and have no idea what the score was. Unfortunately, Bruce had gotten called into work shortly before we had to leave for the game.

I LOVE watching him play and he has a really great time doing it. One of his best friends, Jacob, is on his team and they have a great time together. Also, one of the perks of living in a small town is that by now, we are never on any team for any sport without at least one kid we have already played a season with. This is so nice for the kids and the parents to always have familiar faces around.
Carlie sat with Lucy and I for the second half of the game and that helped me sooo much. They were able to entertain each other and I got to watch the game! Yeah for impromptu playdates!!!


Christina said…
Ok, so this seriously brought tears to my eyes! These grandbabies are looking way to grown!!!...and that is not CHEERLEADERS I see cheering Griffin on?!? Already, really!?!
Griffin, you look like superdud! Lucy, you are looking like a super- reader!! (I did NOT say super cute, because I know you don't like that:) Love, Granny
Mama Gast said…
A superdud?? I hope you mean superdude! ;) The same group that does the basketball league also offer a cheerleading program.
They are getting big, it's amazing.
Christina said…
Yes...dude!!!! It's kinda like saying "dummy" and meaning SUNNY!! It's a too-fast typing problem!!