Uh Oh, a new hobby is born!

We had soooo much fun yesterday. Our friends, Cassie and Ava came over to dye silk scarves with us. A few months ago, Cassie and I had purchased 100% silk scarves for another possible project that never happened. Cassie told me about a tutorial she had seen that told one how to dye silk with kool-aid. I am not going to re give the tutorial here, but I will give you some hints that we figured out. We watched a few youtube videos to learn some new ways to fold the scarves. While this produced an interesting pattern, in the end there was a lot of white left showing...that could be good or bad depending on your desired results.
We used rubber bands to hold our scarves in the desired folds. We used large Ziplocs no matter what size scarf we were dyeing. Our first scarf turned into a smoldering plastic/silk mess in the microwave. We found that if you lower the power of your microwave to 5, use the bigger size bags and add about 1/2 cup of water into the bag before sticking it in the microwave, you will be less likely to set it on fire. Still, we had to keep a very close eye on it!

The girls enjoyed helping...Ava more than Lucy. She is only a month older than Lucy but like 12 years older developmentally!!

So we let them cool overnight, per the tutorial directions and this morning I eagerly hung up each one. It was sooooo excited - what can I say, I thrill easily!
I love how each one turned out so differently. I have the bug now - watch out world, you are about to be inundated by many more tie dyes!

This would be an awesome craft for a girl's slumber party...I would say it would be great for like third grade and up.

I LOVE the purple grid. The larger square one in the back is not as colorful as I hoped so I redid it this morning with 2 more packets of yellow, so hopefully it is prettier tomorrow.
This yellow orange one is the only one Lucy really did...now if only I could get her to wear it!!


C. Michele said…

They look so good. I love the blue one. I am glad I asked for a blue packet now. Someone I ended up without a blue scarf.

We need to do this again soon!