Yeah for bumpers!

Griffin has been asking ALOT to go bowling so when we woke up to a dusting of snow and found that his first basketball game was cancelled on Saturday we decided that would be the day!

This is the most run-down, dirty, low-tech bowling ally that I have ever been too, but folks, it's all we got for many many miles and we've learned to put up with such establishments. It has the first computerized scoring system ever made, so for the kids it is kind of like being in a museum of early 80's technology! None the less, we had a really great time.

Griffin and Bruce were super into talking stratedgy and form and I loved watching them interact on this level.
We tried to help Lucy roll the ball but she was so not interested. She loved pushing the buttons on the scoring machine though!!! This only caused the worker to have to come help us discombobulate the thing like FIVE times...I am sure he was stoked.
Griffin loved that he beat me in the last game. So young, and already relizing that he will be able to beat me in pretty much any game that takes athletic skill! I can still kill him in Uno though!!


Sara said…
I am LOVIN' these Gast-bowlin' pictures :)
Cheryl said…
Griffin is so cute with that expression (#2 pic.) He reminds me of the little boy on "Home Alone" .
I love bowling but have not been in years ! So glad to see he and sister enjoyed it there .