PAAARRRTYY...or things that make the puppy hide in terror

We had a really fun New Year's Eve. In fact, we spent it the same way I hope to spend many evenings in 2011! Relaxed parents and kids spending time together laughing, playing, JOYFULLY being a family.
I started the afternoon by making cupcakes with Lucy. She LOVES the book Pinkalicious,
which begins with cupcake making and she has been asking to make Yellowlicious cupcakes for a while now. Of course, I kept telling her we would do it soon and somehow it made me feel satisfied that "soon" happened in the same calendar year! Yellow cake, yellow frosting, yellow sugar to sprinkle on top...I had one happy 2 year old!! She Loved licking the icing off her cupcake and passing the cake bit onto her brother.

After a few showers we were ready to start our highly anticipated PARTY. They had made party hats at the library story hour this week (Thank You, Ms. Angel!!) and I bought a bag of noise makers...add that to a few board games and a sugar buzz and the house was a rockin'!! Poor Lottie was sooo freaked by the loud noises coming from our normally peaceful household but after about a half hour she settled down and enjoyed the festive atmosphere. She will not be a dog that cowers under the bed from a few far away fireworks!!

Of course, it did not take long for the boys to start thinking creatively about their noise makers!!

Guess who started it!?!?!
Of course, Griffin had to take it to the next level...and then he started to pull down his pants while giggling uncontrollably and we had to scream "THAT'S ENOUGH" before things really got out of control. The boy is obsessed with bathroom humour....I hope this is a short stage, but I have a feeling I might have to endure supposedly Hilarious farting for decades to come....but I digress.
So, we rang in our New Year at about 7:30 and enjoyed some cuddles before bed. Then the parents party began...but you don't need those details! ;)
So from our game table to yours, we wish you and your family an incredible New Year. One that is filled with dreams come true, challenges overcome, friendships savored and new ones forged, boundless love and acceptance, good health and much PEACE.
P.S. We went to Opryland on Thursday for our annual Christmas celebration with the Huggins. It was absolutley beautiful and we had an awesome time. I am grieved to say though, that I accidentally erased all the photos I took that day. Guess we willl just have to do it again next year!!


Christina said…
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Christina said…
Now that is a party to be SEEN at in Madisonville, KY!!! What fun!!! Wishing you all of your "dreams come true" in 2011!! love you all, Mom
MountainWave said…
Happy New Year Gasts! Love the new background. I see butterfly wings and holy stained glass, both. Love that juxtaposition :) Peace, big love, and hugs from Sara & Leo