Smoothie Pops

Not only have I recently written a post about smoothies, but it seems to be trending right now, as I have read smoothie recipes on a ton of blogs lately. I though it might be worth sharing this idea.

On alot of these snow days Griffin has asked me to make him a smoothie, but with only the 3 of us here to drink it, I had been dumping alot of extra down the drain. Then I had an idea to make smoothie pops.

I poured the extra smoothie into a ice cube tray and put it into the freezer for a half hour. Then I pulled out the tray and inserted popsicle sticks into the semi-hardened cubes. A couple hours later I popped out the pops and tossed them into a ziplock and then back into the freezer. The kids love to have them as snacks and I love that they are getting more fruit and yougurt into their diet during a time of year when tasty fresh fruit is nearly impossible to get our hands on.


C. Michele said…
Love it. We are going to have to try it too!
MountainWave said…
Love seeing Griffin and Lucy....miss you little chick and dude! Hugs and love from Aunt Sara and Uncle Leeeeeeooo~