Enjoying his day!

We gave Griffin the same choice again this year: party or adventure???? Again, I feel like I won the kid lotto, and he chose adventure. SOOOOO, on Friday we head out to Mammoth Caves for 3 nights of camping, spelunking and relaxing! In the meantime, we were excited to celebrate Griffin on his actual birth day. Before you make fun of my mess of a birthday cake, remember it was the first time I had left the bed in basically 4 days due to illness and was not in top form!!! It was pretty crazy looking though!! LOL At least it tasted pretty good!!

Griffin was happy to get to choose the menu all day!!! I can't believe the amount of food he requested and ate! I can see where this whole "growing boy" thing is headed!!

Lucy was having a great time celebrating her big brother. She is his biggest fan, closest friend, and biggest annoyance!

This was the first year that Griffin didn't get any "toys" in the classic sense. No plastic play sets, no brightly painted cars or dinosaurs, no action figures....sigh, can't believe we reached this point so quickly. Instead he got a lot of great books, some clothes and something he's been begging for...a SKATEBOARD. Hoping this does not increase our trips to the ER this year!!! We got him knee and elbow pads and I ask him to wear his helmet when using it so I think we are safe for now.

And then, finally, he got to open the present that put all others to shame, something he has been really really wanting, a DSi. (For those of you who have no idea what this is, much like myself a few short months ago, it is just the latest generation of hand held electronic game systems....can you tell Bruce and I are not gamers! HA) Thank you to all who contributed to this gift!!! Griffin was soooo excited.

And when I suggested there may be some games I might like to play on this thing, he gave me this priceless look! Guess I'll just have to wait until he goes to bed!!! ;)

All things considered, I think he had a great day. Really, really looking forward to getting away next weekend as a family to just enjoy being together!!!


Rosi Lovell said…
I love your blog! That cake looked wonderful to me! Glad your little guy had a great birthday!