Puppet Theatre

A few years ago, I ran into an acquaintance in Walmart. She had a cart filled with 3 fold black cardboard panels. I asked her if she was working on a school project with one of her children, but she told me they used them to make puppet theatres. They were on sale that week and she was stocking up. That was all the suggestion I needed, and I quickly picked up one for us. It was pretty easy to draw out the part we wanted to cut away and then Bruce used and utility knife to cut it out.

At the time, Lucy was too little to use it and Griffin didn't quite have the patience for puppets so we put it away in storage. Meanwhile, we accumulated a collection of puppets, mostly given to us as gifts.

We are currently cleaning out the house BIG TIME, preparing for our first ever garage sale. When this came out, it did not take the kids long to start entertaining us with puppet shows.

A old/new favorite toy that encourages their imaginations to run wild - I LOVE IT!! They even put a special show on for me on Mother's Day!!! Thought I would post this in case you too, have a budding puppeteer at home.


4cheeseheads said…
Christi, great post. We love puppets here, but never made a theater.
In what section of Walmart would I find black cardboard panels?
Mama Gast said…
It's near with printer paper, packaging, office supplies. I hope you all enjoy it!!