The Oaks

On Friday, Bruce and I, along with our dear friends Hilary and Devin, headed out to Churchill Downs in Louisville. The day before the Derby is called the Oaks and we were eager to check it out.

This is actually the 6th time Bruce has gone, but the first time for the rest of us. We got an early start and arrived in Louisville about 12:30. We found easy parking about 1/2 mile away in a backyard - there is a lot of entrepreneurship happening there this time of year. After a flub at the gate (no backpacks allowed!!!) we got in and got right down to business.

First on the agenda, a round of mint juleps. I am not a bourbon fan, but when in Rome, or Louisville.....what can I say, Derby fever took over. It was the first gorgeous day we've had in a LONG time and it felt so good just to sit in the grass and enjoy it!!!

There was a great crowd there, but I am guessing it was half of what is was the next day!! There were many more ladies in hats and stilettos than I would ever have imagined. Devin represented with her hat, for all of us.

Bruce gave us some tips on placing bets. We ended up winning about $60 which was super fun! The races are even more exciting to watch when there is a little something at stake. One really cool thing that I loved was that your drinks were served in real glass, souvenir glasses. We had quite a collection by the end!!

After the races were over, we went into Louisville. We stopped at a little tapas bar, where the food and service was terrible but the cocktails were amazing!!!!! That is definitely something I miss that you can't get in Madisonville!

Hilary had an amazing kiwi martini.

Devin had a Lily, the official drink of the Oaks.

Bruce had wine and I had an amazing little vodka/hibiscus tea concoction...think I will be working on recreating that soon!

We ended up ending the night in a great bar called, The Brickhouse. I totally recommend it if you are hanging out in that area. It was such a fun day, being with great friends, being with Bruce doing fun different things. And lets face it, it was amazing to have a break from being Mama!! I don't take them very often, so I try to get the most out of them when they come!