Happy 6th Birthday, Christina Lucia!!!

My sweet little, well not so little, girl is 6 today.  Hooray!!  I LOVE this age, so happy and inquisitive and yet beginning to become a bit more independent.  This year has seen Lucy conquering so many of her fears, she has really been an inspiration to me.  It has also seen Bruce and I struggling to find the middle ground between helping her find her footing and being her best self and pushing her too far, too fast for her comfort level.  Her first momentous leap was at swim lessons this summer.  We signed her up for 5 weeks of daily lessons at the pond near the house on the Cape.  The first day was wretched with lots of tears and her practically having to be torn off me by the instructors to get her into the water.  The second day was only a bit better and only then because I bribed her with ice cream to get into the water (yeah, I occasionally bribe my kids, got to do what you got to do. ;0) The third day she made it into the water with the safety of her brother's presence and minimal tears.  As rough as the start was, by the end of the summer she was swimming like a little fish, had moved up into the next level of lessons and had bonded with the instructors.  At least once a week this school year she has brought up how excited she is for her lessons to start again and how she can't wait to become a better swimmer.  Ahhhh, sweet sweet victory for our girl.   She also faced down her big fears of starting kindergarten with hardly a whimper and has been THRIVING at school.  She has made tons of friends, learned to read and write sentences and has become a creative and talented crafter.  She got in touch with a bit of a competitive side on the soccer field and impressed us with her determination to stay near the ball despite being jostled about quite a bit.  I can't talk about her year without mentioning the incredible friendship that she shares with her brother.  I think standing up to him has given her so much confidence to face some of the other challenges in life and has served to gain her brother's respect and undying loyalty to her.  They chose to spend most of their free time together and have an amazing bond.  It is so fulfilling to witness.  She is filled with light and love and joy and laughter and strength, so much that some times her only mode to get from one place to another is by bouncing...our very own Tigger.  And, as a bonus, she's pretty darn cute too.  Wow, we are lucky to be her parents. 

Birthday Interview

Age? 6

Grade? Kindergarten

Your teachers this year? Ms. Jaclyn, Ms. Tracy

What activities/sports/clubs were you involved in this year? soccer, swimming lessons

What pets do you have? Lottie, Zed and Omar and foster puppies Sochi and Curly Sue

What do you want to be when you grow up? A Zookeeper

Where is 1 place you really want to go? Disney World (We have avoided this for sooooo long, I'm actually shocked she just said that!!  Who fed her the Kool-Aid when we weren't looking????)

What is your favorite………….

o   Subject in school? P.E. or Music

o   Meal? Macaroni and cheese

o   Fruit?Strawberries

o   Vegetable? Pea Pods

o   Dessert? Cupcakes

o   Candy? Big Suckers

o   Drink? Lemonade

o   Animal? Lion

o   Thing to do inside? Play on Kindle

o   Thing to do outside? Play on my swing set

o   Kind of music? ??

o   Song? "All I want is You" by Barry Louis Polisar

o   Place we visited this year? St. Pete's Beach

o   Chore around the house? Nothing

o   Thing to do with Mama? Cuddle
o   Thing to do with Papa? Play Zelfs

o   Thing to do with Griffin? Play Minecraft

o   T.V. show? Total Drama Island

o   Movie? Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2

o   Toy? Kindle

o   Book? Whatever After by Sarah Mlyowski

o   Day of the week? Saturday

o   Holiday? Christmas

o   Season? Summer

o   Piece of clothing?none

o   Sound? "That sound the fox makes, you know"

o   Word? Yes

o   Smell?   Markers (UMMMMMMMM?!?!  WTH?!)

o   Color? yellow

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