all sorts of suprises

Well, the 15 hour drive to the Cape turned into an 18 hour drive. My kids did FANTASTIC!!! I was shocked by how well they held it together. We left at 5 AM and cruised straight through, only stopping for quick breaks and one sit-down dinner. Lucy cried for about 10 minutes one time, as we were trying to find a place for dinner and that was it - the rest of the time it was smooth sailing. My little ones are going to be great travelers and I cannot wait to show them this big groovy world of ours!! I had been afraid to do much traveling with them before this, but they have proven themselves in spades.
We arrived at the Cape late at night and went to be pretty quickly. The kids were up pretty early and for sure, the first thing on the agenda was THE OCEAN. Griffin was so excited, he saw that water and went running straight for it - the frigid water temperature and 70 degree air temperature did not slow him down AT ALL.
I think Uncle Leo was happy to have another little soul share his love of the wave. Even Lucy got into the act, enjoying the noise of the water, smell of the salt air, and sight of the birds and seals. Look, she even let Auntie Sara hold her!!! So we had ourselves a little picnic lunch, waiting for my Mom to bring my sister, Alexis and her bff Stephanie down to the beach so we could surprise them. We saw them as they were coming down the dune and sent Griffin up to welcome them. Even after he had given Granny a hug, Alexis still did not recognize him - she was sooooo not expecting to see him there. But when it all clicked, the whole beach knew something was up as we all laughed and cried and hugged and carried on. We spent the rest of the weekend hanging out, catching up, and exploring the area. It was phenomenal family time and I think we all felt lucky that it so improbably worked out at the last minute. Yeah, and I would be amiss if I didn't mention the amazing nights out we had!! Thanks Granny, for watching the kids for me!!! Lucy loves her Auntie!!!