Provincetown is the "big" city on the top end of the Cape. It is a funky little city filled with shops, restaurants and tons of unique people. It is marvelous. It is one of those rare little spots on this earth that felt truely, come as you are, everyone accepted. It made my heart so happy to be there. The homes and streets have such a distinct look. The clapboard siding (I think that's what it's called), marvelous gardens and yard art. This home was a particuluar favorite.
A harbor is right there, in fact, that is where the whale watching tours depart from. After a day of dragging the kids through the shops I thought they had earned some play time so we headed down to the little harbor beach. It was so cool that day, but that did not stop Griffin from wanting to be in the water so we made him strip his shorts off in a futile effort to keep them dry.

Lucy wanted in on the action big time - I think if I would have let her, this little mermaid would have been swept out into the sea. She had so many giggles and smiles for us.We had a great day, made extra special by getting some rare time hanging out with Auntie Sara (who I have to say, although this will suprise NO ONE who knows her, was an amazing help with the kids, even seeing and reacting to a need before I had time to vocalize it.) She is such a loving and present person, an absolutely delightful person to be around and I was glad my children were able to get to know her better and marinate in her light. (And me too!!!)