The extended trip home

I guess I will start at the end first...why not, it's my blog! Our trip home started out beautifully, a quiet and calm morning followed by an easy drive into Boston with my Mom.
We got through check-in and security without a hitch and practically walked right onto the airplane. Griffin and Lucy were so good on the plane, playing quietly and napping. We de-boarded in Memphis and had about an hour to sit and have a nice dinner and playtime before we would board the final plane home. That is when our travels came to a SCREECHING halt. We were told that our plane had a mechanical issue and it was being worked on and would be ready to go at 7:30, then 8, then 8:30, then 9, then 9:30. Finally at 9:45 we were told our flight had been cancelled and that we should make our way to the service desk to make new flight arrangements. I have to say, up until this time my children were absolute jewels. Not once was there any crying, fits, brattiness or whining. I was able to keep them occupied with walks, snacks and toys up until this point but, I was starting to get worried as it was so late for them to be up! My biggest worrythough, wass that at 9 I had to use the last diaper that I had with me!!!!!! I had only thrown 5 in the diaper bag figuring that no problem that would last the 7 hours until I was reunited with my suitcases. UGH!!! No store in the airport carried extra - not even a vending machine in a bathroom. So,with this laying heavily on my mind we made our way to the service counter. Of course, I had to take the elevator due to my loaded down stroller so we ended up at the end of a LONG line that we had to stand in for 45 minutes. Poor Griffin fell asleep on a nearby bench.
Finally we were given airplane tickets for 9:45 the next morning, $36 in meal vouchers and a hotel room at a nearby (15 minute drive) Holiday Inn. The worst part of the whole adventure came next, waking Griffin up in the airport at 11 pm and getting him to walk the 15 minute walk to the bus hub to catch the hotel shuttle. He was so scared and tired and disoriented, it was so sad. With me loaded down with the stroller and carry-ons I couldn't carry him - I felt so terrible. At this point a lovely ANGEL fellow traveler came up to us with a wheelchair she had found and offered to push Griffin through the airport -- so sweet and a perfect solution. We made our way the curb to spend another 20 minutes waiting for the hotel shuttle all the while my two little babes sitting silently on the sidewalk looking like china dolls, with just their eyes blinking occasionally. FINALLY, the shuttle arrived and the driver assured me that after he dropped everyone else off he would take me to find diapers, I was so so relieved. Griffin fell asleep on the shuttle again but Lucy just looked around and gave everyone flirty smiles. When we got to the hotel the gang let me go first to check in, by now we were all friends. Of course, they had already ran out of cribs!!!! As I was turning to load the kids and all our crap back onto the bus to make the diaper run, our ANGEL appeared again and offered to make the trip for me so that I could get my kids settled into the room. It was such an amazing gesture from a stranger that I actually shed a few tears saying yes.
I think Griffin was asleep before I shut the room door and after a bath and a fresh diaper, Lucy fell asleep in my arms. We were up again at 6:30 to catch the shuttle back to the airport. We had some time so at least I was able to use up the food vouchers at the airport for breakfast. Griffin and Lucy were wonderful on the flight home. We all practically ran through the airport into the amazing comforting arms of Bruce who was eagerly anticipating our arrival about 14 hours late. AHHHHH, Home Sweet Home.
Now I am off to enjoy it. We plan to spend the whole day enjoying Papa's Day, all together at last. I will be posting tons of vaca photos over the next week!!!


Anonymous said…
Hi Mama Gast,

This is your blog stalker finally commenting :) I love reading about your life and your sweet little ones. Sara and I were talking recently about blog stalkers and I told her I was yours. I LOVE that picture of Leo with Griffin!! Not to mention the caption. Hope you had a great time at the Cape. Wish I had a blog to share with you, but that's not the season I'm in so I don't have anything to offer in return except encouragement to keep blogging. Emily (Sara's friend)
Mama Gast said…
Hey Emily, I am so lucky to have such a stalker as you!!! Thanks for commenting, it means alot to me. Sara told me about some of the amazing things you are involved in - SO COOL!!! You better watch out, if I ever make it to Seattle I am going to look you up and may even stalk YOU for real!! :)
4cheeseheads said…

What an exhausting day/night for the three of you Sounds like you all kept your cool and survived. I'm not sure how much I would have been able to handle if I went through all of that. Great job Supermom! What a wonderful ANGEL friend who helped you along the way. It reminded me alot of the Pay It Forward movie. I'm sure since that person helped you in a time of need, you'll return the favor for some other stranger someday when they are in need.
So glad your home safe with Bruce and settling back into your house again. We are excited to see all of you again next weekend.
All our love,
Chanley and gang
Anonymous said…
you poor dear, Wow what a trip home. I'm glad you are home and save. thank gooness for the angle in the airport.

Jennifer Wright