On the Cape

Hello, Friends. Sorry it has been such a looonnnngggg time since I have updated. Some of you know this already, but I have been pretty sneaky of late. The night before we headed up to MI my Mom called and proposed an adventure I couldn't say no to. She asked if the kids and I would like to stay in MI for 4 more days and ride out to Cape Cod for a week at the new house AND I would be able to surprise my little sister Alexis who was headed there for a long weekend. Of course, I said YEAH!! So, I had about 12 hours before we were leaving for MI to repack us. Of course I couldn't blog my change of plan and tip off Lexi. It was well worth it. Alexis was so happily stunned to see us, she truly did not know what to say. We are having an amazing time exploring this little nook of the world. We will be flying home on Friday night - there was no way we could miss spending Father's Day at home with Bruce!! We all miss him sooooo much!!
I have a ton of blogs in my head and photos to share with y'all starting with the AMAZING surprise 40th birthday party that our best buds, the Marinos, threw for Bruce. That was actually the whole point of heading up to MI to start with.
Until I get settled back at home, I wish you all much LOVE and PEACEFULNESS!!!!! I'll be back online next week.