Fun days in MI

We had such a fun week in Michigan, before we headed out East. The most fabulous part was the surprise 40th birthday party that the Marino's threw for Bruce. Seeing as his 40th isn't until the end of July, it was a HUGE surprise. The morning of, we drove over to their place (leaving the kids with the Moms for an overnight - Lucy's first overnight!!) so the guys could go golfing. Bruce was so sweet, handing me a $50 as he walked out, saying, "Why don't you ladies go do something fun like get a pedicure!" Little did he know, we had a lot of things to do before he got back. By "we", I mean Gabriella and by "a lot" I mean amazingly small amount - she is so organized!!! All party paraphernalia had been hidden and so we pulled it out and decorated the house and yard, set up tables and chairs and Gab got the food ready to go (of course, she had enough for everyone Bruce had ever known!!) We finished in enough time to enjoy a beer or 4 before the rest of the group got there.

This is the one and only photo I have from that day as shortly after it was taken, all the guests started to arrive and it was Party Time! There were plenty taken, so I may have some to share with you at a later date. Anyways, Bruce was so so happy, felt so celebrated and special and a good time was had by all.
Lucy actually did OK with the Moms while we were away, but she was pretty happy to see us when we got back! Fortunately, it was just what she needed to bond with others and she is really so much better about letting other people hold her now. Lucy also discovered her love for the jungle gym that weekend!
Griffin's favorite part of the weekend was seeing UP in 3-D. This was his first 3-D movie and he really thought the glasses were funny. What a cute movie!
We also were able to meet one of Bruce's best buddies and his family for dinner one night. Dan and Bruce really enjoyed introducing their baby girls, Lucy and Addison to each other. I think it looks like another close friendship in the making!
Unfortunately, Monday came and Bruce had to head home - BOOOOO! We were sad to see him go, but luckily, we had a lot of things planned to occupy our time until the big road trip. My friend Chanley brought her kids up for the day and we had a super time running around the gardens at MSU. It was a beautiful day, and the flowers were incredible there, as usual!! We had a blast in the adorable butterfly house.
The boys had such a great time playing together - they always just pick right up where they left off last time. We headed over the the MSU creamery for some fresh ice cream - did y'all know they also make cheese there, really good cheese. Check it out next time you are on campus - Buy Local!!!
The next day Matt, Vida and Julia came up for a visit. We headed back over to the gardens (Vida and I met in those buildings long ago, as undergrads in the horticulture department) and this time we also checked out the arboretum. It was a gorgeous day. Next, we headed over to the science center in Lansing where they have an AMAZING play room for the 4 and under set (although they were very nice and let Griffin in too.) Little Julia is such a doll! Of course we had to end the day with a meal at the Tuba Museum and International Restaurant!!!
We had one extra day to do laundry and pack before we headed out on the 15 hour road trip that would take us to the Cape.