7 years and no itch!

7 years of wedded bliss! And boy oh boy, did we celebrate this weekend. Wine, jewelry, flowers, romance, what more could a woman want? Bruce and I hired our first non-family babysitter since Lucy was born and headed out for a wonderful meal at a little Italian restaurant here in town. It was so good, surprisingly good. We will definitely be back. I got to try a beef carpaccio (they are always carpaccio-ing something on our favorite show, Top Chef!!) which was delicious! Ohhh, and a delightful bottle of Querceto Chianti reserve - YUM. Then to a movie (just ok, really confusing, should have read the book first, The Time Traveler's Wife) and back home. After Bruce walked the babysitter home we lit a bunch of candles on the front porch and enjoyed another glass of wine on the porch swing. Ahhh, the moments I live for. We had a family fun day on Sunday. We drove into Evansville and stopped at a really cool nature center there. The kids loved playing on the playground with both their parents in tow.
We met a good-crazy old man with a bunch of pet birds on his hat and perched on stuffed animals he had hung from the trees. We also ran into some sort of teenage community drum line performing with dancers - the kids were so into watching that. Lucy just sat and smiled and clapped the whole time.
Then we were off for a walk around the nature center. Lucy's first walk in the woods! On her own 2 feet, that is.
This is the best of about 20 shots I took of them together...sigh.Y'all know how much I love mushroom pictures. These little babies were so intensely orange. Then it was time to get a few errands run before we headed home. A really great weekend for us, hope yours was too!


4cheeseheads said…
Happy Anniversary! What a fantastic weekend for all of you. Thanks for sharing with us.

Chris and I are celebrating 10 yrs this October 2. We are planning a 3 day, 2 night trip to Niagara Falls. We've never been there. My mom is coming out to watch J&C for us. Cannot wait to go and check it out.
Anonymous said…
Great big happy anniversary wishes...I love your love for one another!! love, Mom
Louise said…
Happy Anniversary. Sounds like a great weekend!! Glad your sitter worked out. It is so important to have weekly if possible date nights, and one or two weekends away a year.
I saw the movie on Sunday and didn't really care for it either. I was really disappointed.
Eva said…
Congratulations & Happy Anniversary! Matt and I are overdue for a date night. Hopefully either tomorrow night or Friday. So glad you had a great weekend with family. Hope your week is going great too!