We had a nice weekend around here. The plan was to keep pretty low-key, since I had been sick...but you know what they say about the best laid plans.
It looks like I am going to have the opportunity to sell my wares at a party here in town on Oct. 8. With that day quickly approaching, I took the opportunity of a rainy Sat. afternoon to drive into Evansville to stock up on some new fabric. By myself....2 hours in the car....with a fabric shopping was like the best day. Ever.
I came home and made up my Grandmother's recipe for chicken n' dumplings, from scratch. A great meal for the first few days of fall. This time Griffin was excited to help and really stuck with it, even helping me make a salad and set the table!
On Sunday, after a lazy morning, Griff and I went to see "Cloudy with a side of meatballs." It was super cute, and we both really liked it. Unfortunately, I was a bad Mama and did not monitor his M&M intake and I think he ate like 40 too many. We got home from the movie and took a long walk as a family with Griffin complaining of a stomachache. When we got in the house he almost immediately fell asleep on the couch - that is when we KNEW something was wrong. After a rough evening of fever, vomiting, sweating and moaning he finally started to feel better about 9 pm. He slept thru the night and woke up happy and healthy this morning. I still kept him home from school just to make sure it was just a sugar induced illness. Wow, Mama Gast still has a lot to learn over here!

In Lucy news, she has got her first real goose egg on her forward (now in rainbow hues of green, yellow and purple - see photo above.) She is learning to run, but all too often the result is launching her body...this time into a iron end table leg. OUCH! I will be happy when that is all healed up.
So, that is the goal this week - healing! Also, I have ALOT to sew. Wish me luck!


Anonymous said…
Poor baby. Unfortunitly that won't be the first bruise. What kinds of things are you going to be selling?
Anonymous said…
What a rough few days for you and the kids. I'm glad Griffin is feeling better. Poor Lucy. She is young and will heal.
Jennifer Wright
MountainWave said…
Glad you are all on the mend. Happy Fish is preeeeetty! Who named him? Great name.

Good luck getting ready for the party. Whatcha gonna make?

Love you guys,
Mama Gast said…
I am going to be selling bibs, burbclothes (boy, girl, gender neutral AND holiday), small drawstring bags (to use as a small purse, reusable gift bag, lunch sack..etc.), wallets, and my newest creation - little halloween candy bags for toddlers. And..if I have time, some felt flower hair clips.
S & L - Griffin named the fish on his own...I like it too!