Camping Extravaganza

Cousins!!! Lots of fun times with our cousins last weekend.
We got up at 4 AM on Saturday morning and headed north about 6 hours to a campground in Monticello, IN. There we met up with Bruce's folks and the Swanks.

The campground was a wonderful place. So great in fact, it looks like Bruce's folks are going to be living there. Here is an inspirational tale for you about dreams coming true. When I first met the Gast's about 9 years ago now they were still in the dreaming of retirement stage of life. They told me that their dream was to work and live at a remote fishing camp. They figured that Steve could manage the outdoor part and Lee could manage the indoor part and they would spend their free time doing what they love, fishing and making new friends. Here we are 9 years later and they are semi-retired and now are going to spend their summers managing this campground and their winters traveling in their RV, seeing the country. They are so commited to making this a reality that they are in the process of selling their home, boat and personal belongings. It is incredible to see their dream coming true, doors opening all around them and them being willing to go for it. Makes me want to dream big.

Griffin had a wonderful time bonding with his cousins. They were so into fire building and cooking on the fire (s'mores and hotdogs), exploring the woods around the campsite, fishing and just generally goofing around. With no distractions like a t.v. or toys, they got so creative and had the best time.

The campground had so much to do. They was a lake for boating, fishing and swimming, a pool, a mini golf course, walking trails, a children's game room, an adult game room, a hot tub, a restaurant, an ice cream parlour and tons of friendly people. We even joined the crowd at a luau hosted by the campground. And even though Lucy was running hot and cold like a campsite shower (I'll give Brucer the credit for that apt description), she too had moments of bonding.

There was lots of Dad and daughter bonding to be had (sorry Eric and Abigail...didn't catch one of you two!)
Y'all know I love to camp so I was in my element, despite a few health problems. Last week I got another gnarly spider bite (much like the recluse bite on my cheek a few years ago) on the inside of my elbow. It caused me sooooo much irritation all weekend. On top of that, shortly after we arrived I broke out in hives that were so itchy and uncomfortable. I think I did a decent job of grinning and bearing it and Bruce, of course, was amazing. He did all the fire building and cooking over the fire which took up so much of his time, but he said he was really enjoying it. Overall, I believe an excellent time was had by all. We are hoping this camping trip will turn into a yearly tradition.