Current Project

So...I haven't done a crafty post in awhile. I have been sewing a ton, in fact I have finished 3 quilt tops this summer! Now the only problem is not being sure what to do next. I don't want to show you the tops yet, I'd rather wait till I can show you the finished product. So, while I am trying to secure some lessons on hand quilting to finish the tops up, I have, of course, started a new quilt. I previewed the first block on facebook, but I wanted to share it here too. This is going to be a queen sized quilt for Bruce (our bed actually, it is so hard to come up with ideas for projects for him!!) I am using a wide assortment of colorful batiks all with the same midnight blue background. I am really happy with how the blocks are turning out. There are many different size blocks in the quilt, 20" all the way to 2", which I think will add even more pzazz!
Here are 2 that I did yesterday. This project is turning out to be SO MUCH FUN! Hope you spend a few minutes each day doing something that is FUN for you!!