Meet our new friend

This is Happy Fish. He came to live with us on Friday. He is Griffin's reward for being chosen as "Student of the Week". I have started a little tradition on Fridays for Griffin. We get a big folder on Fridays with Griff's behavioral report, quizzes and worksheets from the week (I love that it comes home this way and not a few papers shoved in the bottom of the bag every day!) If his behavior was good, he has good quiz scores and I can see his handwriting and coloring has improved he gets a treat on the weekend. Sometimes this is just a smoothie at the Sonic, sometimes it is a trip to a special park or the zoo on Saturday (often something we already had planned that conveniently doubles as a reward), and just this once because he had an especially good week despite my horrendously bad one, a fish. I know some are rolling their eyes, thinking that I should not bribe him to succeed in school, and I totally see your point. I really don't look at it like bribing though, as much as a reinforcement. He is doing so well, I really want to set this tone for his whole school career. Good behavior, good practice, good results. So far, he's earned his reward every week, and although the day will come that we will both be disappointed on a Friday afternoon, for now, I am riding the wave.