Gingerbread house

Griffin's totally awesome teacher, Ms. Wright, has put in place a really great reading program. The kids read books at home and then take comprehension tests in the classroom. There are points assigned to the tests. Ms. Wright sets a goal for each kid and if they meet their goal they get to attend a monthly "Cookies and Milk" party. This party is hosted by Griffin's good buddy Logan's Mom, Lisa. Griffin has been able to go to each party and they are a HUGE motivator for him. Lisa has gone above and beyond each month...I am sure Ms. Wright was picturing a sleeve of Oreos and a gallon of 2% when she first concieved this party!! Last month the kids decorated and ate sugar cookies. This month Lisa made them each a gingerbread house and let them decorate it. Griffin had an absolute blast doing this and was so careful to bring it home in one piece.
He told Lucy as soon as he got in the car at school, "Look what WE get to have for a snack." I love that part of his excitement was sharing this special treat with his little sis. They dug in right away (not normally an appropriate snack but you know, its Christmastime!)

She was very happy to help him out.
Griffin is always happy to show off his nose licking skills - gross!!!!! What can I say, it's in his genes!! Lottie kept watch in case her vacuuming skills were needed.