Merry Christmas Playgroup!

I met all of these wonderful women and their delightful wee ones at our library's story hour. First we sat by each other and chatted, then our kids worked beside one another at craft time and then over time, one by one, a friendship was made. Now we get together for lunch every week after story time, go on special outings and host each other in our homes. These friendships mean so much to me, each of these women are so unique and special, as are their children. Our time together is so rich, sharing tales of child-rearing in the trenches. I feel really really grateful to have them in our lives. Today we had our big Christmas party and it was a really wonderful afternoon. I am going to share (a lot) pictures may not find them overly fascinating but I know these ladies will enjoy them. Myles and Griffin
Jenna and Jacob
Jacob (in rhapsody over his new Ben 10 book!)
Deanna and I

Myles and Carlie and Brandy
Gabe and Jenna
Cassie and Ava

Mandy and Jacob