My little crafty one...

I am sooooo super excited and thankful that Lucy is a wee artist. She loves to paint, color, sculpt....all kinds of crafts. She has a super long attention span when she is creating, which is totally awesome! This feels like something that will be a HUGE part of our journey together. This week, some of the Mommy Brigade headed up to Evansville to make some Christmas gifts at the pottery painting store. This is something I did with Griffin in Michigan and was stoked to get an opportunity to do it with Lucy. She had a really awesome time, just picking colors and painting to her heart's content!
Mandy and Carlie had a great time too. A big thank you to Mandy for driving us all up there together in her new fancy ride!! Especially since Lucy peed in Mandy's car seat when she fell asleep on the way home - LOL!!

Brandy and Myle made some super cute items too. Myles liked painting but LOVED the little bowls of water! It was fun to hear all their great stories from their recent Disney vacation. Got to do that one of these years!
We are soooo thankful to have these wonderful friends to have adventures with!