Thanksgiving Round Up

We had an absolutely wonderful Thanksgiving. The Marinos arrived on Wednesday night, just in time to enjoy Gabriella's birthday lasagna dinner. She even had help blowing out the candles in her tirimisu!!
Thanksgiving day we spent relaxing...the kids enjoyed the parade on t.v. And cooking, and EATING. Of course, we all ate till way more than normal...but hey, it's only once (or twice) a year! Mostly, we spent the weekend at home enjoying being together, enjoying the kids and the puppy. Good solid family time. Can't wait to do it again soon.

Once Lucy realized that she could lure people into her playroom for lots of coloring and puzzle time, she became quite the aggressor!!

And Griffin, sweet as always, doesn't realize he isn't quite lap size anymore. Ahhh well, enjoy it while we can I guess, that will be over soon enough.
Had to give you one of the main event. No the turkey isn't's FRIED baby, that's how we do it in 'Tucky.


Anonymous said…
Sweet Baby!!!!! Loved the time we spent playing as kids! Loved the time we spent playing as adults. Loved the food,the wine,the games,the felt good to be a family again!

We love you all so much!

Miss you :(