Snow Day

Unlike most of the midwest, we only got a little dusting of snow, but we are mighty thankful for it. This was Lottie's first snow and she lived up to the Lab genes in her and LOVED it! She fits right in with the rest of us.
The kids were so excited to play with her in the snow and test out all their new snow gear! Thanks Moms!!!

Happy kids....happy parents.

'Course, we finished the playtime with hot chocolate, Lucy's first, and all were happy and tired and warm. Soooooo happy to spend my Sunday this way.


Hilary said…
Whoa! Just a few miles away we got waaaay more snow!! Isn't that so weird!! I love your pictures!! xoxo
Anonymous said…
SSSSOOO... we have to leave Florida early tomorrow and fly to Detroit! Wonder if we'll get in!?! Loved seeing the kids Hope there's a LITTLE snow for Christmas!! Love, Mom