Maybe they've been watching too much t.v.!

Griffin calls me into the room and they both start singing..."She's a pillow, she's a pet. She's a pillow pet!" It is good to see smiles on their little faces. We have been sick, sick, sick up in here! It started for me on Sunday afternoon, after playing in the snow. I basically couldn't get out of bed until Tuesday morning to go see the Dr. Thank goodness school was cancelled on Monday and Griffin was around to help me with Lucy. He was sooo super attentive and helpful with Lucy, he even read her books and put her down for her nap!!! After a steroid shot in the butt and a z-pack, I am feeling a ton better today...definitely on the mend. The kids started feeling sick Tuesday afternoon and they saw the pediatrician (Who suggested we keep giving them lots of clear liquids "like Sprite and ginger ale." What??????? These kids still do not drink any soda EVER and the Dr. is suggesting it when they are sick and while seeing them both with water bottles in their hands...what a crazy weird world we are living in!) yesterday and are now both on antibiotics also...sigh, we are just passing it around. We had built a sheet tent in Griffin's room over the weekend and they had been sleeping together in it for 3 nights so I can't say I am shocked they are both sick! Now they are chilling in front of the tube while I wipe the entire house down with Chlorox wipes!! So far Bruce is strong like bull...just trying to keep him that way!
Hope this finds you all HEALTHY and HAPPY and with a heart bursting with Christmas spirit...OK, forgive me for that last part...I just watched Elf last night! Made me miss you, Blandfords! ;)