14 days old

We are having an awesome time with our Shepherd family. Besides many loads of laundry and being awoken during the night by puppies who cry because they can't find their way back to their tribe, this is a totally AMAZING experience.
Sunblossom has gotten super comfortable with us and is pretty cool about us playing with her puppies around her.
The puppies are starting to walk, 2 of them have become quite good at it. There eyes are starting to open up, but I am pretty sure they just see shadows. They mostly use smell, I think, to find each other and Mama.
My little sister, Alexis, came to town yesterday for a week visit. YEAH!!! I am soooo excited. It is so so nice to have family together. Luckily, she is a big dog lover so these puppies are just another perk for her. She is moving to Guam at the end of the month so I am going to enjoy this time with her to the FULLEST!
We have been really pleased to see these puppies growing. When we first got them they were all the same size but they are starting to look differently now. We are even starting to tell some of them apart by markings and personality. Last night, Lucy decided she needed to get a better look at the puppies and without a word to us, went and got her magnifying glass. Too cute!
Bruce thinks the puppies are cute, but he is really digging Mama...good thing she is already adopted.
Good times, really good times!


Anonymous said…
Adorable! You can send one to me via Fedx or UPS! ;)

Give Alexis a hug and a kiss from me.
Tell her I wish her health and happiness on her upcoming adventure!

Love you,

Mama Gast said…
We will be coming to MI shortly after they are weaned....you guys should adopt one!!!!!
I would love to keep them in the family.
Love you!