Puppies!! 4 1/2 weeks old

WOW, it's been too long since I last blogged. You'll have to give me a pass this time. Between getting ready to host the Herb Club for brunch last Saturday, the puppies, some personal projects and my exploding schedule, I have been in the weeds. Feeling better today though. The herb club meeting was awesome, we had 24 woman here and the meeting was really interesting. Also, some lovely friends (THANKS, Brandi and Dan!!!!) watched the kids so Bruce and I could go on a much needed date on Saturday night. Having alone time with Bruce always brings me back to my center!!!
I have quite a few blogs in my head, that I hope to publish this week, so check back soon! In the meantime, PUPPIES!

The puppies got to go outside for the first time yesterday. They loved it, of course, and only their Mama, paced nervously. That is what she does whenever we take her out, she patrols the perimeter of our yard. I've never felt safer, having her in our home! Her hearing and sense of smell is incredible. Yesterday morning we woke up to her barking. There were two stray dogs in the backyard. They weren't barking and Sunblossom couldn't see them but she must have smelled them. Very cool.
The kids had a great time playing with them outside! When it was time to take them back in, Bruce and I were counting, 5,6,7.....where is 8???? 8 or THE YELLOW ONE was being held hostage by Lucy in her playhouse. Sooo cute. The puppies absolutely love her right back.

This is Professor Tubbs or Tubs or Tubby. We LOVE him. Really hoping he gets adopted by someone we know so we can watch him grow up.

Mr. Orange is my buddy. He is the first to find me and cuddle up to my foot or crawl into my lap. What a sweetie pie!

They are hardly giving Mama a break. Even during playtime outside, if she stands still for more than a moment they are on her!!! We are increasing the puppies to their dog food smoothie twice a day. It's not going to be long before they are weaned and ready to start their new lives.
I have made fliers about the puppies. If you have a place where you could post one at you work, church, association, club please let me know. I can either drop off color copies to you or e-mail you the file.
Big Love to you all!!!!