3 weeks old

I found a good idea on how to mark your puppies...rickrack. They are even cuter, if that is possible, with their collars on. I am sure I will need to replace them every few days with how quickly they are growing, but it is fun to be able to see personalities emerge. A few have even earned names from Griffin!

They are starting to get playful and we've had lots of volunteers to come over and cuddle with them. Cassie and Ava have a German Shepherd at home, so they LOVE these puppies a lot!

Little Lily thought the puppies were OK but she really liked Sunblossom!

All the puppies were drawn to Madeline's calm and sweet personality.
Logan came right in a picked an instant favorite..white collar, re-named Mr. Lazy.

We have started to remove the puppies, 2 at a time, to have a few minutes of playtime apart from the rest of the pack. They got to meet Lottie for the first time this week. Lottie was curious but gentle, engaged but sweet. It was really fun to watch. Here she is meeting my favorite puppy, Pinkarella.

The puppies are getting super curious too! Poor Mama rarely gets a moment of peace ( I so so know her pain!) and even has to deal with them getting into her food bowl. If it is just one she is fine but if more get near her while she is eating she growls at them!

We are going to have to start them on a mush of milk and puppy food sometime this week to start the long weaning period.

This is Griffin's favorite puppy, which he named Professor Tubbs. Lucy's favorite is THE YELLOW ONE!
The puppies are getting tall enough that they can nurse even when Sunblossom is standing. It is too cute!

And sometimes, we get to be apart of an incredibly sweet scene, witnessing life, in the NOW.


Sara said…
I am sending some endurance vibes to that Mama Sunblossom. Thinking of Sunshine. Loving the puppy pictures.
Mama Gast said…
Ahhh, Sunshine. That is why I do it, the love of that special dog, propels me to share my love with dogs in need. Mama appreciates the vibes, I am sure!!
Miss you!