Ramble on Rose

For almost 20 years now, whenever my nerves are shot and my edges feel frayed, I put on the Grateful Dead to soothe my soul. I really needed them this afternoon.

We drove to Nashville this morning to take Alexis back to the airport. It was so so sad. We have had an amazing week and it sucks that I don't know when I'll be able to see her again. That said, I am totally stoked for her and Jay. I hope they have a really amazing time in Guam. What a fantastic opportunity for them!

The drive down was smooth, the kids (Griffin had a snow day due to a winter weather advisory) and I hit up Trader Joe's and had a great lunch at Five Guys (ummm, why have I never heard of them until recently??). We had smooth sailing back until we hit the KY state line. The snow started to fall really HEAVY and cars started spinning. We saw 12 accidents in the next 20 miles or so. It was white knuckle driving for about two very slow hours. WOW, I was so so happy to get home.

SOOOO, back to the Dead. A friend of mine recently reminded me of this awesome song and it happened to be on an album that Alexis had brought for us to listen to and I thought I would share my afternoon groove with y'all.