Happy Valentine's Day!!

Besides the standard cupcakes, handmade cards and books for the kids (my go-to gift for all holidays!) I managed to put together some other Valentine's fun! I made this heart wreath for my front door from this tutorial. It says to use 3/4 yards of fabric but I used a whole yard and it is still empty on the back. I looooove the way it looks!

I made these hearts from this tutorial. I hung them with all different types of ribbon from already existing nails on the fireplace. I think they are sooo cute, even though Bruce had to ask me what they were when he saw them. All the women who have come into my house recently have remarked on the hearts, so that makes me feel better about them!

Hope you have a wonderful day filled with loving those around you.


4cheeseheads said…
It amazes me that you find time to make these CUTE crafts with all that you have going on. I'm impressed. I have used the technique similar to the heart wreath but with tissue paper squares instead of fabric. I very much like how yours turned out.
Also the yarn hearts are super unique and abstract. That a great craft idea.
Did you make these with the kids?