Meatless Mondays

Yesterday was our first one, Meatless Monday, that is. Bruce and I have been talking about doing it for a while and now it has begun.
At Saturday's herb club meeting, Katie Williams gave a presentation about local CSA's that are starting up here this summer for the first time ever. We are super interested in eating local healthy food and will be signing up for a share in one of our local CSA's. This led us to talking about how we are going to use up our share. We received all the supplies to start canning for Christmas, so that will be one good way to use the produce up but the most important way is to eat more of it! And maybe we will share a little with our friends. ;)
Meatless Mondays are a movement that promotes vegetarian diets on Mondays for health and environmental reasons. This feels like a really healthy habit to teach our children. Last night we had homemade butternut squash soup, a garden salad and some yummy bread. A great start to a great new cooking adventure.