13 Weeks Old

Lucy had her first giggle Wednesday night. I was giving her little tickles and it just trickled out of her! Now I know how to coax them out and do so every chance I get. It sounds like a little piglet rooting around for food and it is one of the most beautiful sounds ever. She is such a happy baby. I keep telling her if she smiles any bigger she will have rainbows shooting out of her ears.
She also went to her first movie this week. The theatre here shows free movies on Tues and Weds mornings in the summer. I took Griffin and Lucy to meet our friends and to see Veggie Tales: The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything. Griffin and his buddy Jacob (also 4) loved it. Lucy and her buddy Carly (7 months) slept through the whole thing!!


Anonymous said…
What a beautiful, beautiful princess!!!!! Please kiss her chubby
little cheeks for me.

I love the "Show 'N' Tell" pick of the week. It always makes me laugh,
I couldn't imagine having talk to the
people who place those ads - YIKES!
Love you all!

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