Kofta Kebabs

I haven't given y'all a new recipe in a LONG time! That is mostly because I haven't been trying anything new, sometimes it is a struggle to just get any healthy home cooked meal on the table each night. We have been really good at sticking to our commitment to only eat one meal out a week (for health, family time and budget reasons.) Now that the grill is the favored method for cooking it was time to get to trying something new.
Most of you know that we Gasts LOVE Middle Eastern food. In Pontiac we would go to our favorite Middle Eastern restaurant, Cedarland, at least twice a month and bring home enough leftovers for two more meals. We haven't found anything even close down here and dearly miss the smells and flavors of all those wonderful spices. I went searching on my favorite recipe website and was lucky enough to find an awesome recipe for Kofta Kebabs. This was an entree we often ordered and I was eager to try it on the grill.
The recipe calls for ground lamb, but not being a fan of lamb, I used ground beef. I have also had this dish using ground chicken and I am sure you could use ground turkey. The best part of this recipe is the major use of spice. You may have to buy a few new spices, but for me that is one of my favorite parts of new recipes - new ingredients. For this recipe I only had to buy ground ginger as I had the others on hand. Instead of just putting one meatball on each stick, appetizer style, I did 3 per stick. It tasted soooo fantastic, very authentic - even Griffin cleaned his plate. I served them on a bed of couscous and with a garden salad. The only bad part was that we cooked it on the grill and all those luscious spicy smells drifted away instead of lingering around the kitchen! Definitely one we will be making again.


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