Land Between the Lakes

We had a GREAT weekend. We spent Saturday just trying to get some things done at the house in anticipation of a very busy week ahead. Sunday we got up and got going right away and headed to the Land Between the Lakes National Park. It only took us about an hour and half to get there - that is taking all back roads, avoiding highways, and it was a gorgeous drive. We are in love with the Kentucky countryside. The mixture of rolling hills, dilapidated shacks and charming small towns paints such a classic picture of Americana to me. The park was huge, free and well-marked - perfect to us. We started by taking a long (1.4 miles) walk. It was so peaceful and cool in the woods. Griffin did so well - he is really starting to find a rhythm when hiking (as long as he has a stick to carry!)

We were starving after that a found a nice picnic spot right away. There weren't many people around and we thought we were alone.....

This little guy was worse than our dog, begging for handouts. Some other picnickers drove by and said they had given him a peanut butter sandwich....uhhhhh, I am thinking that is not part of the natural deer diet, but what can you do. We weren't any better I guess, as Bruce and Griffin started throwing blueberries and carrots to him. He just kept coming closer and closer...I was afraid he was going to start eating off the table!

We finished up and headed over to the nature center where we were able to see 4 different types of owls, coyote, wolves, a bald eagle, turtles and a gorgeous hawk. Griffin really loved it although we couldn't believe he had energy left! We wrapped our day up by driving to the other side of the lake to welcome our friends from Michigan, the Webbers, to Kentucky. They brought their boat down and are going to spend a few days cruising the lakes and then are heading to our house for the holiday weekend. It felt fantastic to see friendly faces from home and enjoy the company of such great friends!!


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