Baby Jaguars

On Sunday we headed up to Evansville to run some errands. Of course, we had to pop into the zoo!
It is soooo frustrating, I just can't get a good picture of these two together. I was hoping to get one for the Christmas card....Oh well.

We were so excited to go see the Jaguar. She just had 2 cubs that were revealed to the public in Nov. This was our first chance to peek at them. Unfortunately, they were all snuggled up sleeping next to their Mama's booty. You can kind of see them in these photos, their fur patten is smaller and darker than the Mama's. The zoo has even set up a Jagcam so you can see the babies.

We always have to stop awhile at Lucy's favorite exhibit, the bats. They go manic crazy for this fruit smoothie that the zookeepers feed them.

In fact, these bats look alot like the adults we experienced later in the day at Toys R Us!! Totally gnarly. We were glad to get in and out quickly!!