Rocking Out

We had Carlie over to play this week and for the first time they actually played together (vs. playing next to each other - you parents know what I mean, right?!) It was super cute!
They had the most fun in Griffin's room, of course. I think the Noel Street Players are getting back together, this time as an all girl jam band.

These chickies took turn playing every instrument we have and it amused them for at least a half an hour - that must be some kind of record!That was the last time I have seen that smile this week. We have decided to wean Lucy of her blanket and man, is she miserable about it. On Tuesday afternoon, she tripped on it for the millionth time (She is a total Linus, carrying it everywhere!) and got a big goose egg on her head. That settled it, we knew we had to make her leave it in her crib, for safety's sake if nothing else.
It has been soooo hard on her. We are constantly having to redirect her or try to get her to swap to a plush toy or doll. It is like she is giving up smoking. It is a filthy stinky blanket (no matter how often I sneak it into the wash) that is doing her bodily harm but she just can't put it down. The tantrums are getting shorter each time she asks for it and is denied, and I am taking that as a good sign. This is one of those heart wrenching moments of parenting where I know we are doing the best thing for our child, but I totally feel like crap doing it.
So, hey, on that note, have a great weekend!! ;) Griffin has his first basketball game of the season tomorrow and then we are going out to the state park to see Santa. Looking forward to it.
Peace and much Love to you!


4cheeseheads said…
I know it breaks your heart to take away the blankie but you are making the right decision. We went through all of that when we weaned casey from her pacifier. glad to hear she's progressing each day. he face must light up when she can snuggle with it at bedtime.