Griffin's Christmas Party

I had the best time at Griffin's class's Christmas party!! AND, I actually remembered to take some pictures. They made these adorable shirts; the head is his footprint, the antlers his handprints.
They had a gift exchange and here he is showing his teacher, Ms. Jaclyn, the dinosour egg that he was given. She was super excited for him, knowing what a dino fan he is.

This is Griffin with his good friend and seatmate D'Nija.

And here are his best school buddies, Logan and Brandon.
OK so this was the EXTREMELY best part. Griffin was the star reader this week which means he got to read a story in front of the class (I believe he was the only the third able to do it thus far). He had practiced all week at school and I was so super happy when the teacher told me she had saved it for the end of the day so I could see him do it. His classmates sat so quiet and listened while he read each word, with many needing to be sounded out. Adorable!!! Then he would show them the pictures on each page.

I could not be more thankful for his wonderful teacher and her assistant. Our combined efforts are really paying off, big time.

This morning as we sat down for breakfast, as per a normal Sunday morning, I was offering Bruce the sports section of the newspaper. He said he would rather have the front page. Then I was offering the comics to Griffin which he has been getting into looking at. He says, "No thanks, I think I'll take the sports section." I almost fainted it was so stinkin' cute.


MountainWave said…
Mormor and I are sitting here reading over each other's shoulders and chuckling and being proud. HOW CUTE and GREAT these pictures are...! Great job Griffin, reading for your classmates!!! Love you guys, Sara & MorMor