creative space

We spent today decorating the house for the holidays. The Christmas tree fits best in my craft corner so I had to move out. I decided to rearrange the kids toys a bit and take over half of their play room. They have HUGE bedrooms, so this was no big deal for them. I haven't actually gotten a chance to create in this space yet, but I think I am going to like my new digs. Now if Santa brings me that new crafting lamp I may never move back!
P.S. I was in the process of decorating this room with the kids' artwork - hence the half covered wall. Just need a few more projects to come home from school!


Anonymous said…

Halfway to your adult craft/music room!!!! You and Bruce will enjoy
your "own" space.

Love ya,

4cheeseheads said…
Love the wall!!! I cannot believe Griffin has done all of that, for a boy who doesn't enjoy crafts, coloring etc... Is he liking it a bit more now that they do so much of it in school. Jake does not comes home with maybe 1/4 of what I see on your wall.

Fantastic that you have your own space. Give it time and it will soon be organized/decorated to your liking.

PS. Cute photo of the kids looking out the window to the tree. :)