Munn's School House, Today 9 - 1

The Pennyrile Herb Club is having our annual Christmas Open House at Munn's School today. Munn's is a one room school house out on 70, past Metcalf nurseries. I will be there all day, selling my wares, so if you are local, come by and say hi!
Here is a preview... of course, I'll have crayon rolls.
Fabric wallets.
Drawstring bags.
Burp cloths and bibs, boy, girl and neutral.

A new item, flour sack dish towels.

And my newest creations, felt hair clips. I DETEST (I don't know if I am using a strong enough word to truly express myself) those big ribbon hair bows that are so in style right now for little girls. But, I do want to jazz up Lucy's hair occasionally, so as somebody else said, necessity being the mother of invention, I made up some hair accessories for her (and maybe me!) I am trying big funky ones.... and sweet little ones....

and even tried my hand at some birdies and Christmas trees. There will also be a ton of handmade herbal gifts, bath and beauty items, hand woven baskets, freshly made evergreen wreaths and more!!
And if you are not local, I encourage you to go some where today in your part of the world to buy some handmade goods for Christmas presents. Make a crafter happy today!