Sunshine Daydream
March 18, 1996 - December 31, 2009
Go in Peace, my sweet Sunshine. You were a treasured and beloved member of our family and your absence is excruciatingly painful to us all.
We send you to your next adventure with Love, Respect, Good Energy and much Light.
You are a once in a lifetime pal and your memory will live on in our hearts.


4cheeseheads said…
Dear Gast Family,

We are so sorry to hear you lost Sunshine today. She was a wonderful dog and easily loved by all. We will always hold a special spot for her in our hearts and memories (especially Casey).

We love you and will be thinking of you.

Chanley, Chris, Jake and Casey
Louise said…
So sorry for you lost. It is heart breaking to lose a beloved member of the family. YOur in our thoughts and prayers.
Anonymous said…
What a great tribute. Yes, Sunshine you will be missed. You were a great dog. This is a sad day Dikke (Mormor)
Anonymous said…
Tears have dropped on the ground at the Cape for Sunshine's passing. What I will always remember most about her is what an athlete she was. It was a most beautiful sight to see her run free across an open field! So, run Sunshine, feel the air and light on your face! Mom(Gran)
MountainWave said…
Sadness, acceptance, reverence, thankfulness for her life and your connection with her, unique and unwavering. What a convergence of energy yesterday, so full of presence and transition both. In remembrance of Sunshine and holding you guys in our thoughts, we love you,

Sara Leo and Erik...