Christmas at home

I have been enjoying looking at homes decorated for Christmas on blogs and thought maybe you would enjoy seeing my house. Of course, we have to keep it dog and kid friendly. I know I've posted pictures of our tree before. I do it pretty much the same every year, just adding new ornaments. At 6 new ornaments a year, it's good we have room for a BIG tree!
This is the opposite corner of our dining room. It is my tribute to a warm climate Christmas! We love listening to our reggae and steel drum Christmas music!

The fireplace mantel is my favorite "decorating" spot in the house!

This is our Christmas treasures shelf, nice and high. The light up ceramic tree was my Grandma's and I have loved it since I was little. I can remember being small and liking to rearrange the pattern of glass ornaments. The Santa and Ms. Claus are from my Mom and are so comforting, another thing I loved as a child. Not sure where they came from, maybe you can comment on that, Mom? And a wooden ??? not sure what to call it, carousel? You put candles around it and the heat they produce causes the structure to slowly spin! It is so pretty, I really love it!!

This is the hallway outside the bedrooms. Bruce likes to put some old skool bubble lights in the fixture!This Santa was the first Christmas decoration I bought for myself. I keep our children's Christmas books here so they are easy to grab when we have a few minutes to read. I bought some of the new LCD Christmas lights last year and did not realize how different their light is from normal ones. We decided to let Griffin have them in his room. I also let him have a little tree in his room. (I am noticing that his bed is not made which I find a little embarrassing, but oh well, gotta keep it real!)

We don't do a whole lot outside, wreaths on the doors, greens spread about here and there. Bruce is not interested in hanging lights outside AT ALL and it is not worth it to me to do it myself. Too many other to do's on my list this time of year.
So that is what is shaking here! Wish you could all stop by for some Christmas cheer or vice verse!!


Anonymous said…
All around the same time, Grandmother, Grandma, and Aunt Grace took ceramic classes. We received many of their lovely, I am not sure who made the Santa and Ms. Santa. But I think if you look on the bottom, their might be a signature or initials. If I were going to guess, I would say Grandmother made them! Your home is beautiful! Can't wait to see it...and you all in person!!! Mom
MountainWave said…
Just watched ELF and Charlie Brown Christmas with Erik and Leo. In Christmas heaven here at the Cape. No tree but a wreath and a swag and I'll be bringing my decorations up in the next few days. Thanks for sharing your photos. Inspiration! :) Love you guys, SL&E
Anonymous said…
Oh, and the wooden thing is a German pyramid. do you remember the one we had when you were growing up and we lit it during an open house party? The candles burned down and we forgot about it and it caught fire!!?? Fortunately there was plenty of people around to put it out! But it was a special one because your dad had brought it back from his first trip to Germany. It's nice to see yours! Mom
Mama Gast said…
Mom, I think the one I have is the one that caught fire. One side is kind of ...charred. You will have to see what you think when you see it!
Sara, We love Charlie Brown Christmas, Griffin got the DVD last year and he and Lucy have been watching it - great music!